Anthony's patented triple baffle heat shield
Firewall Carts are rated at ONE HOUR -
twice the Federal OSHA standards

ANTHONY developed the patented Triple Baffle Firewall Partition comprised of 3 separate baffles which creates 2 exhaust vents at the top, and 2 intakes at the bottom of the firewall. This allows the heat generated from the welding grade fuel-gas flame of a cylinder to draw ambient air in from below, which drives the heated air up through the top vents of the firewall. Thus, the heat transfer to the oxygen cylinder on an ANTHONY firewall cart, is minimal, because the firewall baffle design directs the heat upward. This substantially reduces the probability that heat from the acetylene or other welding grade fuel-gas will radiate through the steel firewall baffle plates such that it reaches the oxygen cylinder and raises the oxygen contents above the D.O.T. safety level.

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